Does the mask order apply to the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)?
Do I need to wear a mask if...
What exemptions does the order allow for not wearing a mask?
I am a business owner. What do I need to know?
If the order is so urgent, why wait till Sunday for it to go into effect?
Why doesn't the order apply to children under the age 10?
Who do I contact to report a violation of the Mayor's mandatory mask order?

COVID-19 Testing Site Information

Brazoria County

Harris County

 Fort Bend County

Brazoria County COVID-19 Testing Locations
Click here for a list of testing locations around the County
Prior arrangements must be made at each facility in order to be seen.
Speak to a Health Care Professional to make arrangements - 979.864.2167


Harris County COVID-19 Testing Process 
Click here to use the Harris County online self-assessment tool

Click here for a list of testing locations in Harris County

Click here to fill out the Fort Bend pre-screen questionnaire

What is the status of City Operations?
What happens now that Stay Safe at Home Has Expired
What is the City doing to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus?
What are the Counties doing to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus?
What is the State doing to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus?
Why is the City only sharing information from other entities?
What is the status of our first responders, parks, and City facilities?
What are the City's plans for emergency operations?
What do I do if I'm presenting symptoms?
I am a local business owner/employer. What do I need to know?
Information Sources

It is extremely important to get your information about COVID-19 from a reputable source. For accurate and timely information use the following resoruces:



Social Media Sources

Please do not rely on social media for important health information. If social media is your go-to source for news, avoid believing or spreading inaccurate information from unofficial people and pages. Always verify information from a reputable source. Follow the agencies below on Facebook and Twitter for official information: