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2020 Brazoria County Disaster and Hurricane Guide
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Emergencies and Disasters Can Happen Anytime. 

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2020 Disaster Evacuation Checklist - Brazoria County Disaster & Hurricane Guide 

Tropical Storm Cristobal - City Response

Updated June 5, 5:00p.m.   

Following the latest reports from the National Weather Service, TS Cristobal continues to drift east and away from Texas. As such the City of Pearland has opted to dismantle the IMT. 


Updated June 5, 2:30 p.m.   

The City has activated an Incident Management Team (IMT) to monitor the development and movement of Tropical Storm Cristobal. While current models have Pearland and the Houston area outside of the storm's cone, staff continue to remain vigilant in the event of any unexpected changes on the storm's trajectory.

Anticipated weather: Pearland residents will experience some extreme heat following the storm. Temperatures are projected into the high 90°s, with a heat index estimated at 109°.

The City recommends residents continue to monitor the storm and follow the guidance of state and local authorities. 

Regardless of Cristobal's path, we are currently in Hurricane Season, and as such, the City urges residents plan and prepare emergency supply kits and go-bags in the event of a shelter-in-place or evacuation order.  

About Hurricanes

A Hurricane is the strongest type of tropical cyclone, a weather system that derives its energy from warm ocean waters and is characterized by a closed counterclockwise circulation in the Northern Hemisphere. It typically has a cluster of thunderstorms around the center of circulation and bands of thunderstorms spiraling outward. The tropical cyclone is often called a tropical depression, tropical storm, or hurricane depending on the strength of the maximum winds in the storm.

The hurricane often has an eye, a rain-free area in the center of the storm where the winds are very light. Every storm is different and contains some combination of the following hazards: 

  • damaging winds

  • storm surge flooding

  • tornadoes

  • flooding

The greatest chance of a hurricane landfall for Texas is during August and September although hurricanes have struck he Upper Texas coast during every month from June to October.

For more information on hurricanes, visit the National Weather Service's Hurricane & Severe Weather Guide. or read Brazoria County's Disaster and Hurricane Guide. 


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